Vision & Mission


We, the Mohammad Ali Jauhar Medical College shall grow

To be one among the premier global medical teaching institutes that shall provide to the world society a continuous stream of responsible, ethical, well trained medical and paramedical professionals

To be one among the premier global medical and health research institutes that strives to improve lives and health of the world citizen through collaborative leadership, consummate effort, innovative ideas, global educational effort and ethical research.

To serve the Government of UP as a foremost Medical Institute, to eliminate disparities in physician and scientist training, health care treatment, and health care access among the underrepresented, underprivileged sections of our mother society


It is our commitment to provide the highest standards of health care to all sections of society, particularly to those who are socially & financially deprived, & to train & educate people in the noblest ideals of compassion, concern & sacrifice towards achieving professional excellence in Health care, education & community service.


We, the Mohammad Ali Jauhar Medical College shall persevere & strive in its mission to achieve the goals set for us by our noble class of teachers and alumni based on the core values

Professionalism & Ethics : Based on the axioms of the Hippocrates Oath and the ethical values inculcated in us through years of professional experience of our forerunners, with..

Dignity and Integrity : Which shall be our guiding principle in all our professional decisions, teaching attitudes, campus performances, interpersonal relations and consummate global efforts at growth with adherence to the natural tenets of

Discipline : Guided by regulations and requisites of the institute and laws of nature and natural justice, in all our performances and relationships in this campus which shall be crowned by our

Personal Responsibility : Through thoughtful actions and informed acts which shall rise to glorify our Hertiage